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Welcome to DocDroppers.org. Despite what it sounds like, it is a place for you to drop docs on people you have “Technology News“! It is actually a collaborative wiki from the DDP that is meant to showcase, catalog, and distribute articles related to “hacking”.

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Inside of this site is a wealth of information. The subject matter includes: programming, hacking, phreaking, privacy, culture jamming and everything in-between. Many of the articles are of high quality and have been published, but the authors have given permission for their material to be reprinted here. Others are also of high quality but never before seen. Some articles debut here for the first time, but nothing is exclusive. We encourage everyone to follow the instructions provided within to help the site grow! We have started with some great material, but we welcome any and all submissions!

What makes this site different is that most of the material is up-to-date information and any older articles that are maintained here are usually carefully labeled as such. The text is not only searchable, but it has keywords or “categories” attached to each article that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. they are also categorized as clearly as we can make them. The site is constantly growing and as it does so, we will change/add/remove categories as necessary to keep up with topics and to keep the site manageable and usable.

This splash page will not be updated frequently, but we ask that you link to it, and not deep-link into the site itself. Let people read this page first. All changes, news, modifications, and other forms of communication will be done inside the site on the main page.

Each individual article on this site has its own license and each one should be handled individually. PLEASE SEE THE BOTTOM OF EACH ARTICLE TO SEE WHAT LICENSE IT USES! We try our best to respect copyright laws on the site, so please notify us if there is a problem and we will respond immediately.


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We would like to send GRATUITOUS (and belated) shouts to nfotx who has made the uber-cool iDropper program. Now, you too, can have DocDroppers wherever you go! nfotx is the man, and we thank him!


Each article is classified into the following sections to allow for easier navigation. If you have a text file that won’t fit, alert the Staff, we may just make a new category for you. You may also get better results using the Keyword searches if you are looking for something specific. Also, don’t forget there is a search box on the left hand side of the screen at all times.