October 2017

Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges

Joe Jarzombek was the previous Director for Software and Supply Chain Assurance at the U.S. Bureau of Homeland Security, and previous Deputy Director for Information Assurance at the U.S. Division of Defense. He is right now Global Manager for Software Supply Chain Solutions at the Synopsys Software Integrity Group. Mr Jarzombek imparts his bits of …
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Climate Change Master Plan Billion-pound Boost for Electric Cars

Britain will burn through one billion pounds to advance electric and other low-emanation vehicles, and venture up spending on research and development, as a major aspect of plans to contribute 2.5 billion pounds ($3.3 billion) by 2021 to help meet its environmental change targets. The administration’s Clean Growth Strategy, which points of interest government spending …
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Roku Release New Streaming Player Buffet

Roku on Monday presented five new Streaming Player media intended to give watchers better than ever approaches to interface with content. The five players extend in cost from US$29.99 to $99.99, and offer an assortment of highlights and usefulness. The initial level Roku Express, evaluated at $29.99, targets new rope cutters who need to stream …
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Microsoft Secret : Bug Tracking Database Has Been Hacked

It was not just Yahoo among “Fortune 500” companies who tried to keep a major data breach incident Bug Tracking secret. Reportedly, Microsoft had also suffered a data breach four and a half years ago (in 2013), when a “highly sophisticated hacking group” breached its bug-reporting and patch-tracking database, but the hack was never made public …
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keyboard latency matter ?

Are gaming keyboards faster than other keyboards? I’d really like to test more Keyboard Latency before making a strong claim, but from the preliminary tests here, it appears that gaming keyboards aren’t generally faster than non-gaming keyboards. Gaming keyboards often claim to have features that reduce latency, like connecting over USB FS and using 1000Hz …
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