SQL Express Client Synchronization using Sync Services for ADO.NET

Sample SQL Express Client Synchronization using Sync Services for ADO.NET

We have just posted a new sync sample to our Code Gallery that demonstrates how to enable offline data collection applications to synchronize a SQL Express client database to another SQL Server database using the Synchronization Services for ADO.NET library. In this scenario, SQL Express client databases can be used as client databases to a central ADO.NET enabled database. Unlike the existing peer-to-peer synchronization SQL Express provider sample which you may have seen, this sample is optimized for a hub-and-spoke topology.

In this sample, two tables (orders and order_details) are on the server database and also on the local client database. The sample synchronizes edits to these table to keep their data identical.
This sample demonstrates:

Using SQL Express to cache changes for a client application.
A customized SQLExpressClientSyncProvider class that wraps around Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server.DbServerSyncProvider.

I would like to point out that even though we have done a fair amount of testing in house with this sample, it is still only posted as a sample. In the future we certainly plan of including a fully supported version of a SQL Express client provider within a future release of Sync Services for ADO.NET.

With that, we certainly want to hear your feedback on this sample and please feel free to post comments to our Sync Services for ADO.NET forum.

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